Touran Group Services

Advice on buying a property

The TOURAN GROUP team with over 7 years of experience in selling property in north Cyprus is now ready to offer free advice to you dear costumers according to your property purchase budget to help you choose the best


In order to make the purchasers more familiar with the projects, as well as general familiarity with Northern Cyprus environment, TOURAN group is offering a free tour for applicants who have seriously decided to buy a house in Northern Cyprus.


With the help of the experienced team, we will accompany you throughout the process of getting the contract. In addition, the home registration process in your name will be complete with our team

Obtain residence

We will be glad to help and accompany our customers on request for the residence by purchasing a home. This service is part of Touran group special services.

North Cyprus property purchase

Investment in Northern Cyprus, Turan Group Ready to offer advice on buying a properties in North Cyprus, buying a North Cyprus villa, buying a villa in Nicosia, obtaining a Northern Cyprus residence, buying a property in Turkey, investments in Northern Cyprus are without intermediaries. Afterwards you can get the residence of Northern Cyprus for yourself and your family.

By paying 25% of the property price buy your home and get the key. Afterwards you can get the residence of Northern Cyprus for yourself and your family.

خرید ملک در قبرس شمالی

Buy a villa

Pre-purchase villas with long term installments

Buying an apartment

Pre-sale luxury and modern apartments start at £35,000

Buy land

Trusted investment with annual growth of 8 to 120 percent