North Cyprus cities


Nicosia is the capital and largest city of northern Cyprus and is home to government and government buildings, offices and agencies abroad, as well as the UN headquarters. Nicosia is the only two-tiered capital in the world, half of which owned by Turkish Cypriot and the other half by Greek Cyprus, According to agreements made after war, passage of citizens takes place with ID cards.

Many foreign companies, US colleges, the University of Cyprus, and the country’s economic and business center have gathered there. The best place to stay for those who want to explore the whole island because Nicosia is the best choice for being close to the heart of Cyprus.


weather Nicosia is affected by the local steppe climate. During the year, there is virtually no rainfall. he temperature in this area averages 8.1 ° C.

Nicosia was divided into two parts: after Turkey political crisis, Northern Nicosia is known as Lefkosa, and South Nicosia, called Lefkosa, is the official capital of Cyprus.

شهرهای قبری شمالی
Famagusta (Magusa)

It is located in northeast Cyprus. This famous Mediterranean city has a rich history. The most beautiful churches and old buildings with modern architecture can be found in Famagusta.

Many churches in Cyprus date back to the third century AD. Famagusta is one of the best cities in Cyprus for living and its beauty attracts everyone.

Famagusta also has beautiful beaches with golden sands that are found in northern Cyprus, which is very rare. You will spend unforgettable moments with the golden sands on vacation in the beautiful city of Famagusta. The city of Famagusta has sights and places such as the ruins of the city of Salamis, St. Barnabas Sanctuary, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, St. Nicholas Cathedral and the Tower of Othello


Kyrenia city has called “Cyprus Jewel”. Situated in Northern Cyprus, 64 kilometers away from Turkey.

Kyrenia is a beautiful city and the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and the visit, will bring you unforgettable memories.

and the visit, will bring you unforgettable memories.

The port of Kyrenia is a beautiful, touristy and small town, with many villas and high-rise buildings rarely seen. Kyrenia or Girne is the most important city on the north coast of Cyprus Old Town Port and City Castle are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kyrenia. Historic attractions besides natural and cultural attractions have made Kyrenia one of the main destinations of attention for life and tourism.